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Gloom Consultation

Empowering artists to achieve their full potential through strategic planning, creative branding.

  • 1 h
  • Varies
  • Video Meeting

Service Description

As an artist manager, I offer a range of services to help artists achieve their career goals, including: Career Development Planning: Working with artists to identify their strengths, goals, and objectives, and creating a roadmap for their career development. Marketing and Branding: Helping artists develop and execute marketing plans, create brand identity, and build a strong social media presence. Tour Management: Assisting artists with planning and executing tours, including booking venues, managing logistics, and coordinating promotions. Business Management: Providing support with financial management, budgeting, accounting, negotiation, and contract management. Creative Direction: Offering guidance and creative direction to help artists develop their sound, image, and overall aesthetic. Fan Engagement: Developing strategies for engaging with fans, building fan bases, and growing their audience. Event Planning and Production: Assisting artists with planning and producing events, including concerts, album release parties, and other promotional events.

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